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Creative Family Movie Services


Creative Family Story Compile with digital photos/videos and virtual recorded clips
Starting at $1,500


Creative Family Story with In-person interviews
Up to 3 people available day of filming.


Creative Family Story with multiple day, in person filming interviews of family members, combining photos and videos
Script, question prompts, assumed editing time with 3 revisions included in pricing..

Compiling family stories is a very personalized service and storytelling technique, working closely with editors and 1 family member to help decide the best way to tell your family story, and then use your photos and videos to actually tell it. Typical photos gets 3-5 seconds of screen time, or about 12-15 photos per minute of video time. We can help ‘cull’ your photos of the ones that aren’t interesting, or you can tell us to just place them in some cohesive order that tells your personal family story.

In person filming typically occurs in the residence of the family member being filmed, or if a central location can be found for multiple family members to meet, it would be extra helpful! plus the added footage of the family members together could be pretty cool, too.

Unless in person filming is chosen, all editing and compiling can be done virtually. Simply upload ALL (yes, all) of your photos and videos to one of our approved cloud services, or for an added fee we’ll send you a flash drive to upload photos. It’s all complicated, but that’s where we can talk if you need us!

Editing makes us prefer dark, contactless rooms but our customer service is top notch! This is a personal service and you should know who’s helping craft your families story. We can do zoom or phone intro phone calls so you can tell us in your words what your family story is, then we can create a rough outline and once approved by you, start compiling your media! If in person filming is chosen, allow additional time for script development/etc..

Email creative family movies AT GMail Dotcom anytime of the day 🙂