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My journey as a business owner started when my first child was born and I wanted a career that would allow me to make my own hours and spend more time at home so I could help take care of the kids and enjoy being a father. My first business, Bulb Brain Creative, focused on helping other businesses tell their stories in a visual way so they could improve their online presence and have a better chance of turning online browsers into customers.

But as I’ve watched my kids grow, I’ve realized the importance of capturing family stories.

Then in 2021 I lost my father and almost immediately regretted the fact that I have no videos of him talking. If I want to hear his voice, I have to rely on the voicemails he left me that I still have saved on my phone.

I’m at that age where I see the value of immortalizing family members and their stories from both ends of the spectrum. I want to remember those I’ve lost, or will probably lose soon, and I also want to remember my kids at the different stages of their childhood so I’ll be able to look back in 20 or 30 years and marvel at how they grew from small children into adults.

While the traditional family portrait is one way to go about memorializing your family as it is now, it’s always staged and does nothing to communicate who you are as a family.

My take on your family history is different from your typical family photographer because I want to capture, not just what your family looks like, but who you are. Everything from the stories you tell, to the way you tell it can be captured in a video to be treasured by you and your kids and your grandkids for generations to come.

If you’re ready for an alternative to traditional family portrait photography, fill out the form below to see if what you really need are Creative Family Memories.